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Technical Questions

Q: What are the Facts On File database browser, hardware, and software requirements?

A: To access our databases, you must have an Internet-accessible PC or Macintosh computer. On PCs , we recommend Internet Explorer 7.0 or higher or Firefox 3.0 or higher. On Macintosh computers, we recommend using Safari 3.0 or higher . To view PDFs we recommend Adobe Reader 6.0 or higher. Firefox Macintosh users should download the Firefox PDF Plug-In for Mac OS X. Adobe Flash and/or Windows Media Player may be required for some databases for viewing videos. To view videos on PCs, we recommend Windows Media Player 9.0 or higher, and Adobe Flash 9.0 or higher. Use Flip4Mac or Adobe Flash Player 9.0 on Macintosh computers. Cookies (see below) must be enabled to access Facts On File's online databases.

To download the latest version of Adobe Reader, visit:

To download the latest version of Adobe Flash, visit:

To download the latest version of Windows Media Player, visit:

To download the latest version of Flip4Mac, visit:


Q: What type of authentication options does Facts On File Online support?

A: We offer username and password authentication, IP address recognition, referring URL, and library barcode authentication. We also have complete compatibility with all Remote Patron Authentication (RPA) systems. Please contact us at support@factsonfile.com or 1-800-322-8755, ext. 4230 to provide us with your authentication information. Institutions located outside of the U.S. should call 1-212-967-4230.

Q: Are third-party plug-ins required to utilize your online resources?

A: Most Facts On File databases require Adobe Reader 6.0 or higher to view PDFs. To view videos on PCs, we require Windows Media Player 9.0 or higher and Adobe Flash Player 9.0 or higher. Use Flip4Mac or Adobe Flash Player 9.0 on Macintosh computers.

Q: Can subscribers access your databases via federated search partners?

A: Yes, we are partnered with the most popular federated searching companies including Discovery, WebFeat, Serials Solutions, Follett, MUSE, Auto-Graphics, Gale, and Innovative Interfaces.

Q: Are usage statistics available for subscribers?

A: Yes, usage statistics reports are accessible online and recorded real time, but displayed on a one-day delay. Usage statistics can be exported into a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet. Usage statistics will record session searches and requests. Facts On File databases support statistics reporting in ICOLC or COUNTER format. Web reporting for our consortia accounts gives aggregate statistics as well as the ability to view customized statistics for each of their members via our easy-to-use interface.

Q: Are persistent URLs available?

A: Yes, many Facts On File databases provide persistent record links at the bottom of every article and/or video page. These helpful links consistently point to the same record, allowing users to direct others to specific entries and records, and in some cases, Learning Centers or subject gateway pages. They can also be used to share information electronically with other authenticated users.